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Certified Personal Trainer for 18 years

Husband, father of 6, professional personal trainer, Master's in Health Education, university instructor, Iron Man competitor, triathlete, etc. I've made helping people get healthy my life's work. Let me help you, too.


"Nothing works until you work it."
- Mike "The Trainer" Taylor

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Real Results for Real People
  • personal trainer testimonials Living healthy is hard but not impossible Hello, my name is Brennan Reed. I have been training with Mike The Trainer Taylor for many years now. I, like so many others, have a difficult time managing all that goes into my life including my health. Mike has been the key to me being healthy. I have many ups and downs throughout the year. As, my schedule moves and shifts, so does Mike The Trainer. He helps me with my dietary needs as well as physical fitness. I have found that for me, I need someone on my team that understands me and my situation and that can adapt to my ever changing life. You won’t find a more understanding and knowledgeable trainer who really cares about you and cares about seeing you achieve your goals in life.
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    personal trainer testimonial"At 28 years old and 125 pounds, I became pregnant with my first child.  By the time I delivered in 2011, I had gained over 70 pounds to my little 5’6” frame.  Prior to becoming pregnant I had always been an athlete and very active.  I had trained for boxing competitions, was an avid snowboarder, loved to fly fish, and everything in between.  After having my first child, I thought the weight would start falling off since I had gained it so quickly and easily (50 of the 70 was gained in the final 3 months due to a medical condition, yikes!). As the first few months passed, I struggled to lose the weight, so I hired a personal trainer.  I started seeing results, but was extremely tired.  I took a pregnancy test and found out I was 3 months pregnant with my 2nd child (my first was only 7 months at this time).  Luckily I only gained back but I had lost, but delivered my second child in February of 2013 at +70 pounds from pre-baby weight.  During all this time, I also had a full time professional career working in banking as a commercial real estate portfolio manager.  It was difficult to find a work life balance with my career and raising two little ones so close together was very stressful.  I struggled to lose weight, even though I thought I was doing “all the right things”.  I would eat low calorie meals and do super intense workouts, and would feel so depleted and worn out.  This went on until my body felt like I was burnt out.  During this time, both my parents had passed, my mom of breast cancer in 2013 and my dad in 2018.  After my dad passed away, I struggled to get back on track with my weight loss and stress management.  I started to feel like something was off and started visiting different specialists to see if I could find out what was wrong.  One diagnosed me with adrenal fatigue, and set me up with an action plan that included a nutritionist and needing to lower my stress.  Since I couldn’t manage my stress, I became more frustrated as the weight continued to increase.  In the fall of 2019, I decided that I needed to change my career in order to better manage my stress.  When I started my new job, I immediately started to feel the stress melt off.  However, I still felt something was wrong and was still gaining weight.  As part of my new employment, I took a blood test to check my panels.  The results came back with my liver enzymes were elevated.  After many blood tests, an ultrasound, and biopsy, I was diagnosed with liver disease in December of 2019.  By then I had started back up on boxing and snowboarding, and with the help of my dear friends, class and gym workouts.  I also started adopting a Mediterranean style diet and focusing on clean eating and eliminated alcohol.  I started working out with Mike the Trainer in April.  We practiced “social distancing” and worked out twice a week outdoors (stadium, pier, etc) rain or shine, with music blasting.  He challenges us and keeps us accountable every week.  My strength and endurance has improved 10 times over!  He emphasizes making “lifestyle changes” as the way to effectively lose and keep off the weight.  His positive attitude helps every step of the way (and does the whole workout too!). Every workout is different, so it keeps you from ever getting bored or your body from getting used to the same workout.  I am proud to say that with his help, I have lost 27 pounds and continue to see results every week.  I am still working towards the healthiest version of me (whatever number that may be) but am so excited to finally see results that are sustainable.  For the first time since having my babies, I feel that this is a healthy lifestyle that is manageable and now part of my everyday life.  I feel great and am so grateful for Mike and the support he has given me to reach my health goals!"
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  • before and after exercise "For me, Mike = Motivation! I felt extremely vulnerable and weak when I reached out to him to help me reach my goals. The first few workouts were quite difficult for me and very exhausting, but the support and positivity I felt from Mike and those in my training group pushed me to keep training. After a couple of weeks, I started noticing an increase in energy, weight loss, motivation, and I had more restful sleep. Each of his workouts builds upon the last workout until your body is strong enough to complete every exercise. I appreciate the variety of workouts and outdoor venues that keeps me interested, excited, and ultimately motivated. I am so much stronger after only a couple of months, and I look forward to working out with Mike and my newfound friends! My weight loss has been a journey, and it’s so great to see results!"
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